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“First Principle” Concept in Designing Small Molecules for Targeting RNA Expansion Repeats

Coimbra, Portugal - ChemDiv Inc, a global leader in drug discovery and drug development solutions, shares the progress in the development of its cutting-edge biology facility at Biocant Park, Cantanhede, Portugal. Since its inception in 2022, the lab has steadily expanded its capabilities, and is now actively contributing to ChemDiv’s discovery-stage programs in oncology, neuroinflammation, and auto-inflammatory diseases; as well as participating in translating robust preclinical research into clinical programs.

As a testament to its ambitious expansion, the lab now offers more than 100 established assays, a broad ADMET panel, and over 40 validated in-vivo models. The lab also offers preclinical and clinical ADME, toxicology, and efficacy modeling using proprietary and partnered hybrid AI solutions. The lab also provides expertise in a broad range of innovative formulations and bioanalytical protocols, deployed across an international partner network of in-vivo facilities. ChemDiv’s Biocant staff has extensive expertise deploying a variety of discovery platforms and tools, including protein degraders, molecular glues, macrocyclic compounds, protein-protein inhibitors, peptidomimetics, and antibody conjugates produced by ChemDiv’s Bremen hub ChemDiv-Bremen Strategic Partnership.

ChemDiv’s CEO, Ronald Demuth, commented, "In addition to enabling a broader array of capabilities and more flexible project workflows, our Cantanhede labs help us support and expand the range of key strategic alliances with distinguished academic institutions. Biocant Park and nearby Coimbra University provide a world-class research environment, supported by a strong scientific infrastructure and innovative technologies. The integration of these new resources into ChemDiv’s existing infrastructure serves the commercial goal of significantly accelerating our drug discovery and partnering projects, thus bringing immense long-term benefits to public health in the longer term."

Head of the Lab, Dr. Ruben Karapetian, shares the excitement about the progress made, stating, "The combination of ChemDiv’s technology and expertise with the academic rigor of Coimbra graduate programs and talent availability is already showing promising results."

Continuing the journey of innovation, the lab is set to extend its capabilities to work with RNA/protein assays and RNA delivery systems, further expanding its arsenal of discovery and development solutions.

About ChemDiv:

ChemDiv Inc. is a recognized global leader in drug discovery and drug development solutions. Over the past 33 years, ChemDiv has delivered hundreds of leads, drug candidates, and novel medicines in CNS, oncology, virology, inflammation, cardiometabolic, and immunology, to pharma, biotech, and academic partners around the globe. For more information visit https://www.chemdiv.com

Media Contact:
Ronald Demuth
CEO of ChemDiv

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