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Yabao Pharmaceuticals Enters Second Innovative Collaboration With Eli Lilly and Company to Develop Diabetes Treatment

BEIJING--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Yabao Pharmaceutical Co., Inc. (Shanghai Stock Exchange: 600351), a leading pharmaceutical company in China, today announced a second strategic collaboration for the treatment of diabetes with Eli Lilly and Company to co-develop Lilly's sodium-glucose linked transporter inhibitor (SGLT1) molecule. Lilly's SGLT1 inhibitor program has completed a Phase I study in Singapore, in addition to extensive pre-clinical development. In July 2014, Lilly and Yabao also announced the co-development of Lilly's glucokinase activator (GKA), LY2608204.

Diabetes is a disease of great unmet need in China and worldwide. Inhibition of intestinal SGLT1 is a promising therapeutic approach because it acts independently of the beta cell and may therefore be effective in both early-stage and advanced diabetes. The reduction in both glucose and insulin may improve the metabolic state and potentially the health of the beta cells in the absence of body weight gain or hypoglycemia. Its complementary mechanism could be effective when used in combination with other important diabetes drugs.

Under the terms of the agreement, Yabao receives the rights to develop and commercialize the SGLT1 compound in China, while Lilly retains rights in all other markets. The parties will collaborate to determine a strategic development plan for China, and Yabao will initially be responsible to perform and fund all development. Lilly retains future buy-in options for China. Financial terms were not disclosed.

"Lilly's SGLT1 Inhibitor program is based on a mechanistic understanding and chemistry approach that has the potential to enable the development of a best-in-class agent. Yabao is again pleased to be collaborating with Lilly, a global leader in diabetes, on our second strategic collaboration, which demonstrates our joint commitment to diabetes patients in China," commented Dr. Peng Wang, President R&D, Yabao Pharmaceutical Co. "This collaboration is also another example of Yabao's continued commitment to collaborate and develop promising science in China."

About Yabao Pharmaceutical Co.

Yabao Pharmaceutical is a leading Chinese pharmaceutical company with fully-integrated development, manufacturing, and commercialization in China. Yabao is recently pursuing strategic development of innovative pharmaceuticals in addition to Yabao's well-established business in modern traditional Chinese medicines and chemical generics. Yabao has strong capabilities in clinical, regulatory, formulation and API production and meets cGMP requirements with facilities approved by the U.S. FDA and European agency. Visit http://www.yabao.com.cn for more information.

October 20, 2015

Source: http://www.businesswire.com/

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