Covalent Inhibitors Library

For the last decade there was a steadily growing interest in covalent binders. Furthermore, covalent binders are becoming increasingly important in fragment-based drug discovery. Following this trend, we have synthesized the rationally designed diverse library of covalent inhibitors.

Covalent Inhibitors Library

The library was designed for covering the most frequent warheads currently used as covalent reactive groups (CRG) such as chloroacetyl, 2-chloropropanoyl, acryloyl, 1-prop-2-ynoyl, 1-but-2-ynoyl, and others. A diverse set of unique and/or rare amines (non-covalent units, NCU) has been picked from our collection of the stock-available building blocks. Criteria for NCU selection in the library design will be presented.
Over 2000 covalent binders have been synthesized so far, and the number of library members continues to grow. Importantly, over 900 library members meet fragment criteria for their NCUs.

ChemDiv’s Library of Covalent Inhibitors and Fragments consists of three sub-libraries:
Generic Library of Covalent Inhibitors_9000 compounds
Smart Library of Covalent Inhibitors_1950 compounds
Library of sp3-Enriched β-Lactams_2000 compounds
Smart Library of Covalent Fragments_900 compounds

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