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Our covalent compound library is now available in a ready-to-dock format for BioSolveIT

ChemDiv,Inc. offers a project-oriented compound libraries. Among them, you can find several covalent sublibraries containing a huge variety of warheads and molecular scaffolds.

Today, we are proud to announce that our Covalent Compound Libraries are now available in a ready-to-dock format for BioSolveIT - Finest Software for Drug Discovery’s drug design dashboard SeeSAR. Over 41 000 covalent inhibitors from ChemDiv were processed and translated to their respective ligand-bound form to assess their binding mode after docking. Download the set and discover covalent drug candidates for your project today.

Covalent ligands are (re-)emerging as attractive leads due to their potentially improved selectivity, potency, and duration of the desired effects. Explore the complete collection of ChemDiv’s Covalent compound libraries at:

Covalent Fragment Smart Library: https://store.chemdiv.com/catalog/focused_and_targeted_libraries/covalent_fragments_smart_library/

Covalent Inhibitors Library: https://store.chemdiv.com/catalog/focused_and_targeted_libraries/covalent_inhibitors_library/

Cysteine Targeted Covalent Library: https://store.chemdiv.com/catalog/focused_and_targeted_libraries/cysteine_targeted_covalent_library/

Feel free to contact us at sb@chemdiv.com for any details or collaboration opportunities!

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