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Protein-protein interactions

Protein-protein interactions

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ChemDiv offers high  throughput screening (HTS) Service protein-protein interactions (PPI) research platform.


  • Over 50 assays
  • Over 200 000 compounds in PPI focused library
  • Custom-developed assays
  • FRET, TR-FRET and fluorescence polarization-based HTS assay platforms
  • Six libraries:: Bcl2-PPI Inhibitors Library, PDZ PPI Library, 3D Mimetics PPI Library, Protein-Protein Interaction Library, Nonpeptide Peptidomimetics PPI Library, PPI Inhibitors Tripeptide Mimetics, 269K compounds in total
  • Broad expertise in PPI assay development, optimisation and validation
  • A quick start of your research project
  • Protein’s ability to perform complex functions together makes protein-protein interactions an area of intense research.

For more details on prices, time, or research specificity - please contact chemdiv@chemdiv.com

Chemdiv offers FRET, TR-FRET (Tb or Eu) and fluorescence polarization assays. TR-FRET can be summarized in these four points:

  • There is a transfer of energy between proximate donor and acceptor fluorophores
  • Each interacting protein is tagged with a antibody+fluorophore
  • Formation of a complex brings fluorophores close enough for energy transfer
  • Acceptor emissions are measured



Fluorescence polarization assays:

  • Fluoroscent dye is excited by polarized light
  • Degree of polarization of reemitted light is inversely proportional to rotation and random movements
  • A large complex has limited rotation, so the degree of polarization remains high
  • Degree of light depolarization is then measured



We at Chemdiv have a wealth of experience in PPI assay development, optimisation and validation, so we will be happy to tackle any desired targets. Please inquire for further details.



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