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ChemDiv offers high throughput screening (HTS) service
Kinases research platform

  • 377 protein assays depending on groups available (separated by alphabet order for your convenience)
  • 4 HTS platforms: ADP Hunter, Z’-lyte, LANTHAScreen, LANCE.
  • The best choice of screening libraries on the market: 11 kinase-focused libraries to choose from (Aurora A-B Kinases Targeted Library, Human Kinases Annotated Library, Proline Kinase Library, Allosteric Inhibitors, Protein Kinases Inhibitors Library, C-Met Library, Akt-Targeted Library, Type II Kinase Inhibitors Library, Kinases Library, SH2 PTB Focused Library, DGK Inhibitors Library), 145K compounds in total
  • Our support in compound selection based on your research project
  • Screening from 10000 compound sets up to 300000 and more
  • A quick start of your research project
  • 25 years of experience

More details on prices, time, or research specificity - please contact chemdiv@chemdiv.com

Mutations in kinases, both inherited and somatic, are linked to numerous diseases, cancer in particular: ALK mutations – neuroblastoma, BTK – lung carcinoma, JAK family – immunodeficiency, PINK1 – early-onset Parkinson. Kinase inhibitors are a mainstay of cancer therapy: trametinib  MEK1/MEK2 inhibitor, dabrafenib is a BRAF inhibitor, to just list a few. We would be remiss to not note, however, that kinase inhibitors are also used in the fields of autoimmune diseases and for immunosuppression – rapamycin is the most well-known example. 

We utilize a variety of kinase assay methods, including ADP Hunter, Z’-lyte, LANTHAScreen and LANCE. ADP Hunter highlights:

  • Kinases use ATP as a substrate and leave ADP as a byproduct
  • ADP is then combined with other reagents to produce a fluorophore
  • Fluorophore gives a measurable signal
  • Stronger signals correspond to higher levels of activity

The second platform, Z’-lyte:

  • Threonine/tyrosine/serine in FRET-peptide accepts a phosphate
  • Protease cleaves residues without a phosphate
  • Protected peptides continue their FRET, while cleaved ones do not
  • A donor/acceptor emission ratio serves as the resulting measurement


  • Kinases phosphorylate the substrate,
  • EDTA stops kinases
  • Tb-antibodies bind phosphorylated substrate, resulting in TR-FRET
  • Higher TR-FRET corresponds to higher kinase activity


  • Kinases phosphorylate a special substrate
  • EDTA stops kinases
  • Eu-antibodies bind phosphorylated peptides, resulting in light emission
  • Light serves as a measure of kinase activity

Kinase assay methods

As for the targets themselves, ChemDiv provides assays for a large variety of kinases. You can add kinase assays for all platforms mentioned to your shopping cart from the list below:

  • A

  • B

  • C

  • D

  • E

  • F

  • G

  • I

  • J

  • K

  • L

  • M

  • N

  • O

  • P

  • R

  • S

  • T

  • U

  • V

  • W

  • Y

  • Z

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