Drug-Like Libraries

ChemDiv proudly offers 1,500,000 Drug-Like Compounds on stock. We add 100,000 new drug-like molecules annually.

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Targeted Diversity

ChemDiv, Inc. introduces the concept of Targeted Diversity which is intended for the design of high quality library of drug-like compounds that have been focused against various biological targets. More than 300 distinct druggable targets selected for universe Targeted Diversity Library (uTDL) design.

Focused Libraries

Discovery collection includes various focused libraries. The selection process for these sets involves identifying active ligands/inhibitors as prototypes existing in the patent and research literature or databases and performing bioisosteric replacement strategies.

Annotated Library

The recent human genome initiatives have led to the discovery of a multitude of genes that are potentially associated with various pathologic conditions and, thus, have opened new horizons in drug discovery. Simultaneously, annotated chemical libraries have emerged as information-rich databases to integrate biological and chemical data.

Special Edition

Fragment Library – Recently fragment-based drug discovery (FBDD) has emerged as a more promising and focused approach which is resulting in the quality, rather than the quantity, of hits and leads.
Non-peptide Peptidomimetic Library – Arg, Pro, Glu, Asp; beta-, gamma-turns; dipeptide- and tripeptide mimic including RGD, AVPI and PDZ motifs, beta sheet, SH2 mimics.

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